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For straight pick-ups or final payments coupled with a personal pick-up, I prefer cash. Easy peasy and uncomplicated! If you wish to pay your balance with a credit or debit card, let me know and we can process the payments prior to the pup leaving here [if I am driving to meet you - this must be done before I go out on the road, as for security reasons I will not run transactions through my smart phone at this time]. Cash is easy!


For easy and immediately verified deposits and installment/payment plans,  we prefer Paypal. Either through your existing paypal account or via Debit or Credit Cards; this also allows me to send you a reminder for your installment payments if we have agreed upon these. Please note - you do not need to establish a Paypal Account in order to use them as long as you have a credit or debit card. If you prefer to not use an existing debit or credit card - please look at the next alternative below.

Please note that there is a 3% Surcharge added to the amount for covering some of the transaction fees I experience, when I accept Paypal for your convenience. In order to provide affordable prices for my pups, I can no longer afford to eat the processing fees with each sale and will pass part of them on to you for your convenvience. Use the following email address to initiate your paypal payments:

You can avoid paying the paypal fees by having the amount you need in an established paypal account or using an account linked to your bank account, and using the friends and family tab . rather than the goods/services tab.

NEW!!! Save $$$ on Paypal Fees!!!

A word about the blasted Paypal Fees, LOL. Nobody wants to pay them. I for sure don't - and although I don't mind eating them for a deposit, when it comes to the full purchase price for a mid to high end puppy, and then perhaps shipping too - we are talking sometimes about $30-50+ in paypal fees.

Here is the way to legally reduce the fees [it is my understanding that they will be going up again this spring - they already upped the ATM withdrawal fees by 50% as of April 2014] and still give Paypal a chance to make some money. After all - we do use their services and the convenience of quick and painless money transfers, without worrying about what the Postal Service does with our money when you send a money order, sigh!

BUY A PAYPAL RELOAD CARD! Read more about this in the next chapter. The cost is $3.95-4.95 depending on the type you buy and probably your location - and that comes down to about 1% per $500. On a $1500 purchase that is $15 vs. $45 - so much easier to swallow!!!

Paypal Reload Packs

This is a lovely and easy way to turn your cash into a Paypal payment and does not require for you to open a Paypal account or to give me any of your credit or debit card numbers. It also helps on the larger end transactions to save with the processing fees.

Click on each card to learn more about them directly from their websites...

You can pick up a Paypal Reload Pack or a GreenDot Money Pack at most any gas station, grocery store, Walmart/K-Mart etc, pay for it with cash and then call me with the card in hand. Purchase the correct amount due for your deposit or balance or installment payment [ask me in advance if you are not sure] as the entire amount will download into my account once we are done. I cannot break up the amount you loaded onto the card. You should have your store receipt handy for verification as well, when you call me.

The Reload Cards/Packs work just as well as an online Paypal transaction and they cost 2/3s less in transaction fees, as the only fee there is at this time, is the $3.95 or 4.95 it costs you to purchase the card in the first place. Definitely beats paying the 3+% processing fees we are getting hit with, especially when we are talking high end puppies + added shipping costs.

If you are planning on buying a reload pack to pay for your puppy, do let me know in advance, so I know what we are waiting for :o). I don't mind holding a pup for a few hours to give you time to go to the gas station or store to get this done...

US Postal Money Orders

An alternative to using a credit or debit card, or purchasing a reload pack is going to the next closest US Post Office and buying a US Postal Money Order. I am really not happy using this, as our local mail lady is sloppy, lazy and quite frankly - doesn't give a d*mn about where she drops of the mail. I'VE COMPLAINED ABOUT THIS A LOT @ THE PO WITH NO LASTING CHANGES - THEREFORE...

Please be sure to send payments in the mail certified with a signature receipt required and a tracking number, so we can both keep track on any delayed payments that may be lost in the mail. Since we are talking 3-5 days from the time I approve you for a puppy and the receipt of the money order, good communication is a must if you are choosing to go this way, so I know to keep an eye out for my mailman, and also so I know that you are following through in a timely manner.

Be sure to make your Money Order out to me personally and mail to the following address:

Sabine Greene; 301 Victory Drive Lyons, GA 30436

IMPORTANT!!! Please Note: US Postal Money Orders are the only type of Money Order I accept!!! Not Western Union Money Orders, Not Convenience Store Money Orders, Not Walmart Money Orders! USPS MO's only!

I just found out the hard way [actually it was a refresher course, LOL - I already knew that but had forgotten] - that Western Union does not stand behind their name any more. Western Union money orders command a 30 day hold with most banks, plus Western Union Sales locations are not required to cash them, short of depositing them in my bank and waiting for a month - there is no other way for me to cash them, other than doing a 160+ mile roundtrip, wasting 2-3 hrs time and $30 in gas and then paying a hefty 3-5% check cashing fee [local check cashing places won't touch those things either!] 

Please do not send me any of these - I will return them and they will tie up your own money and funds for 30+ days in your own account before you can access them again!!!